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  1. Alcohols contain an OH group.
  2. This usually makes them polar creating strong intramolecular hydrogen bonds so they have much higher melting and boiling points.
  3. A Primary Alcohol has the OH group at the end of the molecule.
  4. A Secondary Alcohol has the OH chain as a branch. The carbons either side are often referred to as R for Rest.
  5. A Tertiary Alcohol is a secondary alcohol which has another group attached to the same carbon as the OH.

Ketones, Aldehydes, Ethers and Amines

  1. An Aldehyde has a double bonded Oxygen at the end of the Carbon chain
  2. Ketones have a double bonded Oxygen side group at a position other than the end of the carbon chain.
  3. Ketones have -one at the end of them, eg Butanone
  4. Ethers have an Oxygen in the middle of the carbon chain, eg Methyethylether
  5. An Amine has an NH2 side group. Eg. Amino Ethane.