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Saturated Fatty Acids

  1. This test is a simple logic puzzle couched in organic chemistry terms but you’ll still need a basic knowledge of organic chemistry to understand the terms.
  2. The formula for Palmitic acid can be rewritten C15H31COOH.
  3. From this we can infer that to be saturated a fatty acid must have twice as many plus one hydrogen atoms as oxygen atoms.
  4. For each double bond that is present, 2 hydrogens can be removed from the chain.

Carboxylic Acids

  1. Carboxylic acids have the Carboxylic acid functional group at the end
  2. End in -oic acid, eg Methanoic Acid.
  3. Methanoic Acid is otherwise known as Formic Acid
  4. Ethanoic Acid is otherwise known as Acetic Acid