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Maths for Gamsat

If you need to brush up on your maths for Gamsat there’s an excellent tutorial provided by Massey University. It covers arithmetic, algebra, calculus and trig. There are little tests throughout.

Massey University Maths Tutorial

Order of Operations (BEDMAS)

Equations must be tackled in a specific order. An acronym to help remember this order is BEDMAS

  1. Brackets
  2. Exponent
  3. Division
  4. Multiplication
  5. Addition
  6. Subtraction

For more information and an excellent tutorial see Massey University BEDMAS tutorial

Inverse Operations

Inverse operation undo each other.

See the Massey University inverse operations tutorial

Rearranging Equations

Massey has an excellent tutorial on rearranging equations.

Massey Equations Tutorial

Log scale