To write a killer essay you’ll need to be full up with ideas! The following web sources are good for this:

  1. – TED is excellent! It’s an annual conference in which the best people in various fields across the world give short talks on topics that interest them. Around half of my GAMSAT essay material was taken from TED talks. If you don’t already watch it I’d suggest you take a look.
  2. – Ben Goldacre’s evidence based medicine blog is good for developing a skeptical mindset. It’s also very funny and political. You may be able to trot out some material from here and it may also be helpful on section I.
  3. – New Scientist is a free resource containing much of the content from the magazine. It’s also great for ideas and current affairs.


Good luck on your essay questions! If you’d like any feedback on your practice essays do please post them in the forums. Make sure to leave your email address and I’ll get back to you.

Good luck on your GAMSAT!