There are lots of ways to write a short GAMSAT essay. I prefer a short argumentative style with a couple of contradictory key points backed up by examples but this is not the only way. Remember, keep your plan simple, you’ll only have time for a couple of pages. I use mind maps for plans as you can put down a lot of information quite quickly.

Thesis / Antithesis / Synthesis

This is my preferred general short essay plan. Most of my GAMSAT essays fit into this general scheme. It goes like this:

  1. Thesis – a good point, made and supported with examples.
  2. Antithesis – an opposing good point, made and supported with examples.
  3. Synthesis – A drawing together of both points. Is one more right than the other? Are both right in different circumstances?


It is vitally important the your plan has flow. To create flow, ensure that one point leads into the next in some way, either as an example, a counterexample, a point that is similar in some defined way or a point that is different in some explicitly defined way.