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  1. Meiosis is the process that creates sperm and egg cells.
  2. Sperm and egg cells have only half the genetic information of a normal cell, they are haploid.
  3. First the chromosomes replicate as usual.
  4. Then matched pairs align themselves at their centromeres, some dna may be passed between matched pairs (crossover).
  5. The cell divides.
  6. Finally the two daughter cells divide again, leaving one half complement of DNA in each of 4 cells.


  1. Mitosis is the process by which a single cell divides to produce two cells.
  2. The chromosomes replicate themselves but remain attached at the centriole (the middle bit of each strand).
  3. The nuclear membrane dissolves.
  4. The chromosomes are pulled apart by spindles generated by the two centromeres.
  5. The cell divides