The following 87% essay plans by Zepplin are reprinted with permission and thanks. You can read the originals on this thread:


I got 87 but my memories of the actual content are quite hazy!

Think my first essay was about what constitutes a good government or something along those lines. Brought in stuff like the lisbon treaty in ireland (is a govt putting a treaty to election twice because first time we gave the ‘wrong’ answer appropriate even if the end result of that treaty may have beneficial – and arguably also detrimental – effects on our current flailing economy?) and also the american debate about healthcare (surely a good government is one which ensures healthcare is available to all citizens, yet what happens when a certain proportion of those citizens disagree, particularly when they’ve elected these individuals to represent them?). Discussed the need for balancing often opposing interests without either being irresponsible, overbearing or self interested. etc.

Did this one too:

The media produces only rubbish and we are drowning in it essay.

but took the opposite argument and said stuff like the media has always had a sizeable interest in ‘rubbish’ and things like celebrity, technology has just increased our exposure to it. Improved technology has ensured that anything we are interested in is now immediately accessible and allows us to engage with a multitude of our interests without a fear of conflict or reproach. Also talked about the role of new media and how immediate they can be in contrast to the traditional media routes which are losing the ability to recruit or pay staff to investigate things properly but that role is being taken up by the bloggers etc whose very existence – for the good ones anyway – depends on chasing up the details and inviting debate. The return of the ‘community journalist’ even if that community now skims the globe and may be slightly myopic in viewpoint. What constitutes ‘news’ becoming a much broader and yet individually specific term and defines anything which we personally find newsworthy. People are complex beings who enjoy engaging with all kinds of information; I read Perez Hilton but i also read the economist etc.

Sorry, it was put together better then that but i basically used a couple of examples and argued the second essay fairly informally and personally :)

I have to say I enjoyed the titles on the paper far more then the ACER titles but it’s definitely all about practice! Mine weren’t the most academic or wordy by a long shot but i think they got the point across and i read broadly (particularly about current affairs and culture) which came out in them.